Burnell’s Lower 9th Ward Market

Branding & Signage Design // Pro Bono Project + Collaboration with GoodWood NOLA // February 2016

Social community project collaboration with Loyola's Social Political Design class and GoodWood Nola. As a group, we focused mainly on designing signage, stickers, and decals for Burnell Cotlon's Lower Ninth Ward Market in New Orleans. Class collaboration with GoodWood included lumber salvage, preparation, assembly, and installation. Social Political Design class focused on designing and ordering small stickers and decals. All work was done pro-bono for the good of the ninth ward community.

My personal contributions to the wood signage project was designing the first iterations of the main signage layout, as well as the hand-lettered logotype for the sign. I designed the first iterations of the Lower Ninth Ward Market logo, and collaborated to finalize the logo. I designed the stickers and decals for the market as well. 


Initial sketch of the sign layout and design:

Final mounted signage design:


Initial sketch of Lower Ninth Market logo design and the finalized black + white version. 


Stickers and decals for the Lower Ninth Ward Market.


Building phase of the main signage.

Image copyright GoodWood Nola.

Image copyright GoodWood Nola.